What kind of music is there in Cuba?

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What kind of music is there in Cuba?

Cuban Music

Cuban music is one of the best known internationally. It has its main roots in Spain and West Africa.

Over time it had the influence of different genres of the United States and the French colonies in Latin American.

Most importantly, our country is the birthplace of composers and singers who are present in the memory of lovers of good music.

To sum up, we feel proud of the artists. They have revealed rhythms that characterize our culture such as habanera, son, rumba, danzón, guaracha, mambo, and chachachá among others.

Also, we are passionate about dance and song, one of our most popular sounds is percussion.

It stands out in the practices of African beliefs (Folklore) with the touch of the three drums called “batá: where the force is born”.

The first African slaves who came to Cuba brought their customs. They establish communication with their gods through music.

On the other hand,  at the end of the 19th century, Jazz appeared in the United States.

With the passing of the years it presence became irrefutable in Cuba with the creation of the first bands of this musical genre. 

The Jazz is characterized by its rhythms and the personal character of his creations. That makes the difference with other musical styles.

Cubans show off the musical heritage of Cuba which is the essence of our culture.

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