Unmissable in Havana The Capitol

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Unmissable in Havana

The National Capitol

 The National Capitol is unmissable in Havana.

Constructed during Gerardo Machado´s Government between 1926 to 1929.

The National Capitol is a very impressive and historic building.

Inspired its architecture by the United States Capitol, St. Peter’s Basilica of the Vatican and the Pantheon of Paris.

The main doors to this building describe scenes from Cuba’s history.

On both sides stand two bronze sculptures representing  The Work and The People’s Tutelary Virtue.

One of the most emblematic spaces of the Capitol is  The Lost Steps hall .

It highlights the Statue of the Republic placed on a marble pedestal.

There is also a symbolic copy of the diamond preserved.

The diamond marks the zero kilometers of the country’s central highway.

In addition, the building also houses other interesting halls.

The Capitol of  Havana has a peculiar environment between walks, lampposts, and benches.

There are also gardens everywhere with artistic works that surprise on its way.

Finally, the Capitol of Havana is Declared National Monument in November 2010.

A singular elegance situates this architectural jewel.

If something is unmissable in Havana is the City’s Capitol.

Located in Paseo del Prado avenue, Centro Havana area.

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