Moving Around In Havana

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Moving Around In Havana

Enjoy Havana with its natural charm

Enjoy Havana with its natural charm. It is very nice to combine the ocean view with the attractive architecture that the city gives us.

Most noteworthy, you can also undertake the longest walk of the city, its Malecòn.

El Malecon extends from Vedado to Old Havana.

Most importantly is that you can find several kinds of transport in Havana.

Urban buses: usually difficult to approach in the schedules of entry and exit of the work centers.

Collective taxis “Almendrones”: modest prices, several people, mainly locals, jump on the same car.

Private taxis: you shall ask beforehand for the rate.

Coco Taxis: This is another option appreciated by those who visit us. In conclusion they are tricycles covered with an open spherical structure on the front.

Coco taxis are fun and give you the possibility to enjoy a panoramic view along the way. 

 Havana Bus Tour: hop on the hop-on-and- hop-off bus to see the sights of Havana.

 Horse-drawn cars: excellent for a nice ride! even when I should mention them I feel bad for the horses.

Bicitaxi: made by craftsmen built under the principle of the bicycle. Used for short stretches. Morevoer great for the environment

Bicycles: you can hire them at small private businesses.

Car rental: there are several state agencies for car rental such as Rex, Havanautos, Cubacar.

Traveling in Cuba

Interprovincial bus: You can travel by “Viazul”  Certainly it is a recommended bus line  for its seriousness, comfort, and good prices.

Most importantly, you must book Viazul in advance.

What to do if there is no availability in the Viazul buses? very simple!

Equaly important, Cuba has a private system of collective taxis. You can coordinate them in the city where you are for the next destination.

In addition, we cannot stop commenting the railway system although it does not have the best quality.

Because of its historical character, we mention the Hershey Train. In fact it is  the only electric train in Cuba, a relic built a century ago.

This museum train leaves from the neighborhood of Casa Blanca in Havana and ends in Matanzas. 

Hershey train takes almost four hours traveling.

As you might guess … probably the train breaks in the middle of the road.

Visit La Casa de Ana and enjoy a memorable adventure!


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