Inside Havana. La Rampa

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Inside Havana

La Rampa 

La Rampa is one of the most important urban areas of the Cuban capital.

 It is located on the last stretch of 23rd Street that goes from L street to El Malecón.

The sidewalks decorated with works by important Cuban plastic artists. 

The main 23 Street is surrounded by important buildings such as state headquarters, travel agencies, restaurants, art galleries, nightlife among others. 

The most outstanding hotels for their history and architecture are the Hotel Nacional and the Habana Libre. 

Pabellon Cuba is another of the sites that are in La Rampa and that we cannot fail to mention.

This facility has an extensive program of recreational and cultural activities.

Moreover,  La Rampa has the most popular nightclub:  La Zorra y el Cuervo. 

Located in the central corner of 23 and L are the Yara cinema and the Coppelia ice cream shop. The Yara cinema is considered one of the pillars of modern Cuban architecture and is the most visited in the city.

On the other hand, the Coppelia ice cream shop has a futuristic architectural design because it imitates a flying saucer. It is the largest ice cream shop in the country.

La Rampa is a point of reference and a regular meeting place for Cubans. It is a vital zone of Havana.

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