History and Leyend in Havana

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History and Legend in Havana

A legend of  Havana Streets

Let’s tell you a legend of Havana Streets, we refer to El Caballero de Paris  (The Gentleman from Paris).

Born in December 1899 in Lugo, Spain, and baptized with the name of José María López Lledín. 

He arrived in Cuba with  12 years old.

Upon his arrival, he had several jobs and studied to get better-paid employment.

In a moment of his life, he was unjustly arrested from stealing some jewels.

He lost his mind due to the anger and anguish he lived.

When he left prison he started to wander the streets stating that Havana was very Parisian. So he  said that he was “gentleman” of Lagardere, musketeer, and corsair”

He had long hair and a beard, wore a black cloak.

El Caballero de Paris never asked or accepted alms.

In addition, he carried a bag with stamped saints, pencils and other miscellanies that he gave with a gentleman’s gesture to those who came to greet him.

This beloved and respected character became a symbol of Havana life that continues to this day.

Take a picture with his statue while touring Old Havana!

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