Havana’s Neighborhoods – Havana and its contrasts

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Havana and its contrasts

Havana’s Neighborhoods


Havana’s neighborhoods have its contrasts.  Some of them are very different one to another.

Today I’m talking about one of the neighborhoods of the city that is not promoted in the tourist routes.

The settlement “El Fanguito”.

Located on the margins of the Rio Almendares in the middle of the limits of El Vedado and Miramar, residential districts.

El Fanguito began  popular  in 1935 by Cuban immigrants who left their provinces to settle in Havana.

Most importantly,  according to the economic possibilities of the families, certainly with a lot of imagination and scarce resources, each one built a space to live without the advice of an architect or engineer.

Likewise, small plank houses that kiss each other in visible disrepair.

Finally, walking on the streets we can hear sticky melodies, the drums of some hint of the saint or stumble upon.

Moreover, in the portals and sidewalks you will find rustic tables with lively games of dominoes.

Its people live without hurry, that is to say, sure that day after day their life status will be the same.

Consequently leaving and back to the neighborhood aware that it is impossible to mix poverty with glamour.

El Fanguito hosts thousands of people and furthermore does not stop the illegal landing of new settlers.


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