Havana where to go for latin music

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Havana, where to go for Latin music

El Jazz Café

Where to go for Latin music in Havana? Are you a Jazz lover?

Jazz Café has a pleasure to share with you Cuba’s top jazz musicians.

It is a nice and popular nightclub with excellent live performances every day from 10 pm.

Located on the third floor of Paseo Galleries building at the intersection of Paseo Avenue and 1st Street, in El Vedado. Opposite to El Malecòn.

Most importantly,  besides being a place essential for jazz fans. their nights also give us a variety of programming that alternates musicians of the first line of different genres such as salsa and timba.

Certainly, it has a beautiful bar.

Therefore you can enjoy drinks, liquors, wines, and Cuban cocktails. You can also ask for the dinner table at reasonable prices.

Every year Havana dresses up to celebrate the popular jazz music event, created in 1978 with the participation of national and international artists.

As a result of success, another Havana International Jazz Festival will be held next year from January 14, till, January 20, 2020.

The festival expands to all the main concert halls in downtown Havana.

Even more, it impromptu street jam sessions along the Malecon.

Do not miss this carnival of sound that reflects the difficult and colorful historical texture of our city as well as its modern influences.


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