Havana’s Memorial

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 Havana’s Memorial

 Josê Martí Havana’s Memorial


Fist of all Havana’s Memorial is the largest monument to the National Hero of Cuba,  Josè Martì.

At its base, there is a museum that has five rooms.

The first two to promote the life and work of José Martí.

The third one displays documents,  images referring to the construction of the monument.

There is a  theater in the fourth room.

Finally, the fifth one shows transitory exhibitions.

The tower has the shape of five-pointed stars in gray marble.

It is considered the highest point in the city. As a result, you can see a panoramic view of Havana of around 50 km.

On the other hand, in front of the monument, there is a statue of Josê Martí measures about 18 meters high. 

In conclusion, the memorial is a historical-cultural center with a varied program of activities aimed at art and leisure.

The Jose Marti Memorial is located in Plaza de la Revolución, El Vedado.  At the local and historic Revolution Square.

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