Havana love story ?

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Love Stoy in Havana

Catalina Lasa

Catalina Lasa has an interesting Havana love story as well as recognized for its beauty in high society.

First of all Catalina Lasa mansion is located on Avenida Paseo in El Vedado.

This house keeps a love story between Juan Pedro Bar├│ and Catalina.

Bar├│ was one of the main sugar planters of Cuba and Catalina held a high social rank.

During their marriage with Luis Est├Ęvez Romero, they attended a party where she met Juan Pedro. Certainly, strong passion arose among them.

It was a scandal! therefore the couple left Cuba to find shelter in Paris where they got married under French laws.

Also, they went to the Vatican and met with Pope Benedict XV to be given the Divine blessing for their relationship.

Back in Cuba Bar├▓ began anonymously the construction of the mansion with Italian Renaissance style and ┬┤s Art D├ęco decoration.

Most importantly he planted in the gardens roses of unique beauty named after Catalina.

According to the story, in 1926 this wonderful mansion was occupied by Catalina Lasa, who sadly died 4 years later.

Nowadays this architectural jewel is La Casa de la Amistad where you can enjoy a pleasant restaurant and also there is in the gardens a nightclub during the weekends.

Easily accessed from La Casa de Ana!


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