Havana. El Vedado

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Havana. El Vedado

Vedado neighborhood

El Vedado neighborhood was a thick forest during the Spanish colony.

At that time the government issued a prohibition order for the construction of any settlement or road that would allow the entry of foreign forces such as corsairs and pirates. Hence the name “Vedado” means “forbidden”.

In 1858, was approved the parcel of the first area integrated by 105 blocks. The same year it was also authorized the creation of the first residential neighborhood with around 20 houses.

Then in 1903, the boom of the area began and more than a thousand houses had already built.

On the other hand, Havana considers itself a “Garden City” because of its plenty of vegetation. 

In conclusion, El Vedado is part of the green ring.

The design of its streets is a harmonious mixture of gardens and trees with different architectural styles.

El Vedado has several significant streets. In the 19th century was established the railway in most of its legendary street, Calle Línea. At the beginning of the 20th century, the team began to circulate along this street. Other of its avenues are 23 street, the main artery of El Vedado.  It extends from El Malecón to the Almendares bridge.

Also, El Vedado has two beautiful park-walks that cross the territory from north to south: Paseo Avenue and G Street or Avenida de Los Presidentes.

Moreover,   many attractions are in El Vedado such as travel agencies, art galleries, movie theaters, main hotels,  nightlife, a network of restaurants and state institutions.

El Vedado neighborhood is one of the great successes of urbanism in Cuba.

Most importantly area of ​​Havana to live, work and enjoy.

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