Cuba’s symbol

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Cuba’ symbol

­čśŹNational┬á Flower­čśŹ

Cuba’s symbol national flower. Butterfly flower is┬á Cuba National Flower since 1936

During the independence war, patriotic women chose this flower to adorn their hair where they kept important clandestine messages.

Butterfly flower is native from the India eastern Himalayas region

Furthermore, Hedychium coronarium is its generic name.

In addition, the rhizome of the butterfly flower may have properties to treat diabetes as well as for other uses in medicine.

Therefore, for its pleasant fragrance and beauty, it is chosen to decorate Cuban homes.

La Casa de Ana B&B in Havana, with pleasure, will share with your hits and tips during your visit to get to know more about Havana, Cuba and all those small (and bg) relevant details that enhance your visit. Get to know our country in all its splendor, every corner and so much more.

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