? Cuba for holiday. Treasure´s Lagoon ?

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Cuba for holiday. Treasure´s Lagoon and its Taína Village. First of all, Cuba is a multicultural country and has many stories to tell.

Also, it is a challenge for visitors to know our country.  In other words, we will be pleased with your experiences on this Caribbean Island.

Importantly, The Treasure´s Lagoon is located in La Cienaga de Zapata, Matanza’s province.  Furthermore, it is about 200 kilometers from Havana southeast part.

Inside of the Treasure´s Lagoon, there is AldeaTaína Village.

Cuba for holiday. Treasure´s Lagoon and its Taína Village
Treasure´s Lagoon and its Taína Village

This Aldea was created in tribute to indigenous people. Also, it is represented with a set of huts and life-size sculptures simulating the life of these people.

To get to the village you take the ferry which brings you through The Treasure´s Lagoon to the small islands linked by bridges.

Tainos people reached their development through hunting, pottery, and agriculture.

On the other hand, in the village, we also found representations of the tools that they used. Some of them are the “coa” used for fishing and the “burén” a pot to make casabe, a typical meal made of yuca.

Cuba for holiday matanzas-aldea-taina-guama
Aldea Taina Guama

Most importantly the Treasure Lagoon owes its name because of the Tainos threw their riches to the lagoon as a rebellious act against the Spanish conquerors.

The aborigines celebrated games and religious cults called “areitos”. 

Also, they danced and sang around a bonfire with ornaments all over the body praying to their gods.

Enjoy an adventure day! Cuba for holiday. Treasure´s Lagoon and its Taína Village.

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