Cuba Holidays Attractions

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Cuba Holidays Attractions

Matanzas City

Matanzas City is a neoclassical city located in the west part of Cuba.  Forty kilometers away from Varadero Beach.

It names become from an event which happened in 1510 when a group of shipwrecked Spaniards requested help from the indigenous people.

 The Spaniards were in canoes.

 When they reached deep water they overturned, only four people survived.

On the other hand, Matanzas City has three rivers that run through almost the entire territory.

They led to the construction of several bridges.

These rivers gave rise to the nickname of Matanzas City as “the Vity of the Bridges”.

The oldest one and still in use is La Concordia Bridge from 1878.

Another highlight is  Bacunayagua Bridge, one of the communication routes between Havana and Matanzas.

It is one of the seven wonders of Cuban civil engineering,

Bacunayagua Bridge is of obligatory stop for passersby to enjoy the spectacular view of the Yumuri Valley and a refreshing piña colada.

Furthermore, Matanzas city is also known as La Atenas de Cuba for its cultural and literary wealth. 

With an outstanding musical tradition within Cuban culture, we mention our national dance, El Danzón.

This musical genre such as popular rhythms as Chachachá and Mambo.

Many other attractions you will find in Matanzas City!

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