Cuba higher Education

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Cuba higher Education

Havana University, Cuba higher Education is the oldest academic institution in Cuba, moreover one of the first in Latin America.

Founded on January 5, 1728, by the Dominican friars. It is an ideal site for a study abroad program.

Initially, it had its headquarters in the now extinct San Juan de Letrán Convent in the historic city center.

Finally, it moved to the hill of Aróstegui known as the “university hill”  in El Vedado.

The buildings of Havana University have impressive neoclassical architecture as well as a staircase with 88 levels.

The large and wide staircase known as La Escalinata Universitaria is home to relevant historical student events.
Likewise, at the university’s main entrance, we find the rectory building.

Most noteworthy, between the stairway and the rectory, shines “the Alma Mater” symbol of the university.

It is a statue made in bronze with open arms that welcome the students.

Mario Korbel a Czech artist created this sculpture.

Korbel used as a model a lovely 16-year-old girl for the face of the statue and a mulatto woman for the body.

In addition to imparting scientific and technological knowledge, the University has an enriched library.

On the other hand, there is a stadium for sports games.  In fact,  prominent athletes emerged

Most importantly,  Havana University declared National Monument in 1978.

Equally important, it has the honor of awarding titles of Doctor Honoris Causa.

The Univesity receives nationally relevant figures in their different venues.

Located in San Lázaro Street and Calle L, in El Vedado

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