Havana is in my Cuban Heart
Enjoy The Great City Of Havana !

About Havana and Cuba and La Casa de Ana . Updates And Information

Havana is in my heart . Our great city has a pulsating bit. Therefore, La Casa de Ana tag in this blog  updated information on how to go around the City to enjoy it best. 

While we keep you in tune about relevant news and events in the city and helps you to discover those amazing places of the Islan.

We will make sure you are not missing out while visiting Havana . 

Welcome to the blog from La Casa de Ana  your Casa in Havana !


Cuba Holidays Attractions

Cuba Holidays Attractions Matanzas City Matanzas City is a neoclassical city located in the west part of Cuba.  Forty kilometers away from Varadero Beach. It

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Inside Havana

Inside Havana La Rampa  La Rampa is one of the most important urban areas of the Cuban capital.  It is located on the last stretch

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Cuba’s symbol

Cuba’ symbol ?National  Flower? Cuba’s symbol national flower. Butterfly flower is  Cuba National Flower since 1936 During the independence war, patriotic women chose this flower

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Cuba higher Education

Cuba higher Education ? ?  ? HAVANA UNIVERSITY ? ? ?  Havana University is the oldest in Cuba and one of the first in Latin America. Founded on January

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Vedado_Casa de la amistad

Havana love story ?

Catalina Lasa mansion is a great Havana love story. First of all Catalina Lasa mansion is located on Avenida Paseo in El Vedado. This house

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