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I am Ana, owner of La  Casa de Ana Bed and Breakfast, Casa Particular, in the centric neighborhood of El Vedado in Havana.

This is how our Bed and Breakfast was born.

First I work for  25 years as executive secretary, then, In 1990 I retired, above all, to take care of my parents.  Also at that moment, my two daughters left home to pursue their career.

Most importantly, I decided to follow my dream of having my own hospitality business.

Therefore, in 1991, I turned my family home into a small Bed and Breakfast. Soon after I realized that my guests had given it a name: La Casa de Ana.

Certainly here I am 30 years later, feeling very happy having built what is today one of the oldest Casas Particulares in Havana, as are named the Cuban Bed and Breakfasts.

We are especially thankful to our guests for their encouragement and support that has kept us consistently in TripAdvisor top  Casas in Havana already for more than 15 years. Their opinion is the fuel for our improvements and the motivation for creating our extra services.

The demand for our Casa grow fast over the years, therefore,  I  have a third room located at my sister’s Casa and as well created in the neighborhood, where I live since 1969, a strong network of other Casas available for you owns and directed by friends that share our story.



Enjoy Havana with its natural charm

Certainly, It is very pleasant when moving in the City to combine the view of the sea while enjoying a very attractive architecture

Hop-On / Hop-Off

Line T1: Stops at 4 streets from us! It is an open-top double-decker which takes you around the City
From La Cecilia at the west end of Playa to Parque Central via Habana Vieja, Centro Habana, Malecón, Calle 23 and Plaza de la Revolución.
All-day tickets are $10 CUC per person.
The hours run from 9 am to 6 pm / every 25 minutes.
Routes and stops are marked at all bus stops.

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