?What’s Havana Floridita Bar-Restaurant ?

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What’s Havana Floridita Bar-Restaurant? First of all  El Floridita is located on the corner of Obispo and Monserrate streets.

Furthermore, It was opened in 1817 with the name “La Piña de Plata”, then  Florida and finally in 1914  El Floridita.

To sum up in short, In 1914, Constantino Ribalaigua Vert started working as a bartender.  Four years later he becomes the owner of  El Floridita  Bar Restaurant in Havana, Cuba.

Importantly, the American writer Ernest Hemingway used to go to El Floridita to drink “el Papa Doble”. Most noteworthy, It is a daiquirí frappe made by Constante in honor of Ernest  Hemingway.

Subsequently, Havana Floridita Bar-Restaurant is known as the cradle of the Daiquiri.

Seams like Constantino added to the original Daiquiri cocktail drops of Marrasquino liqueur and ice frappe.

As a result in this legendary Havana  Bar-Restaurant is a special space dedicated to Ernest Hemingway, as a result, is a life-size sculpture as well as several pictures of the writer with Constante and their friends.

What's Havana Floridita Bar-Restaurant

In conclusion, Havana Floridita Bar-Restaurant keeps its international fame for its 200 years of history.

What's Havana Floridita Bar-Restaurant


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